About Real Estate Weblogging 101

Real Estate Weblogging 101 emerged from BloodhoundBlog, the national real estate industry, technology and marketing weblog. Greg Swann of BloodhoundBlog had been writing general-interest posts on real estate weblogging for the first year of the blog’s existence. When the Project Blogger competition came along, Greg recruited Teri Lussier as his apprentice, inviting her to contribute to BloodhoundBlog as she was building her own real estate weblog, TheBrickRanch.com. The two wrote many more posts on real estate weblogging, theory and practice, tricks and techniques, art and commerce.

Greg’s posts comprise the bulk of the “chapters” here, followed by Teri’s. Kris Berg, Brian Brady and Allen Butler, all themselves also intrepid real estate webloggers in their own right, and all of them also BloodhoundBlog contributers, submitted apposite posts of their own. Other prominent real estate webloggers have been invited to submit articles, so this book-in-weblog-form will grow through time, becoming more detailed, more pertinent, more useful as we go along.

There are two sorts of people who might read this book — this weblog doing the job a printed book might once have done.

The first kind is the sort of person who adopts and adapts to new software easily and wants to get a leg up on using that software to the utmost. This book is most definitely targeted to that kind of person.

For people who prefer to work things out in a step-by-step kind of way, there are printed books available that might be more appropriate to your needs. Examples include Realty Blogging and WordPress Complete.

A third option is to hire a vendor to do the scut work for money. This is somewhat distasteful, inasmuch as real estate professionals are too often the victims of third-party vendors selling off-the-shelf technology at exorbitant prices. Even so, if you need it, you need it. As deeply satisfying as it might be to control every last detail of your weblogging experience, if you don’t know how, you simply don’t know how.

But this in turn suggests a fourth alternative: WordPress.com (not .org) will provide you with a free weblog on their host. This is not ideal, but you’ll get the power of WordPress at the price charged by the very much inferior Blogger.com.

The point of this discussion is this: Get going. If you can hold your own hand, so much the better. But even if not, real estate weblogging is something you can start today, inching your way toward perfection as you go along.